Our Care

At Saltwood Care Centre, our dedication to quality service and the well-being of our elderly residents is at the heart of what we do.

We pledge to deliver exceptional care, acknowledging that the support needs of our residents differ. Our approach is to customize our care to meet the unique requirements of each resident.

Activities & Lifestyle

We motivate residents at the Home to realise their full potential and partake actively in community life.

Our committed Activities Coordinator is on hand to facilitate daily engagements in personalized activities, whether in a group setting or on an individual basis.

Beyond our everyday schedule, we host regular weekly events featuring external entertainers, such as singers. It is a core belief of the Home that every instant offers an opportunity for a resident to be invigorated and involved, satisfying their need for social interaction.


Saltwood Care Centre boasts accomplished chefs, well-versed in culinary services for care home residents. We are dedicated to serving delicious and nutritious meals to our residents. Every meal is freshly made, with a menu crafted to cater to the dietary requirements and individual tastes of those we serve.


Nursing Care

Saltwood Care Centre is renowned for its high quality nursing care amenities.

Our centre is supported by an unwavering team of highly skilled care professionals, available around the clock to deliver bespoke care and assistance. We understand that the nursing care requirements vary from resident to resident, and we customise our services to cater to the unique necessities of each individual in our care.

We uphold an exceptional level of nursing care consistently and ensure that all residents are accorded with the utmost dignity and respect. Relatives and friends are always greeted warmly, with invitations to visit at their leisure, whether it’s to join us for a meal or to simply cherish moments together.

Dementia Care

Dementia affects a significant number of individuals across the UK, presenting behaviours and symptoms that can sometimes be challenging to comprehend. Our staff are professionally educated to understand those living with Dementia and offer the care that is most suitable for their needs.

Each one of our homes is equipped to support individuals with Dementia. However, the most fitting home for an individual is determined on a case-by-case basis following an initial evaluation. We can offer specialised care for individuals who require nursing as well as those living with Dementia.

We host a team of highly trained Registered Nurses and Care Assistants at every home, each with considerable experience in providing for the needs of individuals with Dementia.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?

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